MAMA Pho Bo Instant Beef Soup Bowl Noodle In Vietnamese Style, Silky-smooth, Chewy Rice Noodles With Piping Hot Aromatic Soup Mix (6-Bowl Pack, 2.29 oz Per Bowl)

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Brand: MAMA


  • YOUR FAVORITE VIETNAMESE FLAVOR: with MAMA pho noodles, serving up a similar great taste that you’ve enjoyed during your last vacay in Vietnam or in one of your favorite Vietnamese restaurants may now be easier.
  • CREATE YOUR OWN MINI MEAL: want to jazz up your pho broth noodles? Be generous with crunchy bean sprouts, aromatic herbs such as scallions and mint leaves, or even slices of beef!
  • READY IN JUST MINUTES: a bowl of piping hot, silky-smooth Asian noodles is on stand-by to satisfy your hunger pangs at any time of the day, or night.
  • ZERO TRANS FAT: MAMA instant soup pho noodles doesn’t contain any trans fat, so you can relish it with peace of mind.
  • SPECIFICATIONS OF MAMA PHO NOODLE SOUP: 6-bowl pack, 2.29 oz per bowl, Pho Bo Beef flavor

Package Dimensions: 87x438x748

Details: MAMA instant pho noodles – your fave Vietnamese flavors within minutes
Feeling peckish? Indulge yourself in yummy beef flavored pho with MAMA pho broth noodles!
Satiate your Vietnamese food cravingsThe savory flavor of beef, complemented by the kick of chilies and aromatic herbs are packed into the pho soup base of these MAMA noodles. Coupled with rice noodles that are silky and chewy with loads of satisfying bite when cooked according to the recommended time, allaying those hunger pangs any time of the day (or night!) is a cinch! If you think your pho rice noodles is a tad boring, load up the protein with slices of beef. Crunchy bean sprouts, parsley, mint leaves and a squeeze of lime all make delicious touches for these pho noodles too!
Enjoy with peace of mindMAMA pho noodle soup doesn’t contain any trans fat at all, so that mid-afternoon snack or midnight supper may be a little healthier.

Available in packs of 6 each, MAMA pho bo rice noodles are one of your pantry’s scrumptious must-haves!

UPC: 080736109338