Trung Nguyen G7 Instant Coffee – 3-in-1 Roasted Ground Blend with Creamer & Sugar, Vietnamese Coffee (50 Sachets)

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Trung Nguyen



Color: G7 3 IN 1


  • ☕ PREMIUM INSTANT COFFEE. Each bag come with 50 sachets G7 3 IN 1 Instant Coffee give you a perfect cup of instant coffee anytime.
  • ☕ 3 IN 1 COMBINATION. Filled sticks with high-quality coffee powder, non-dairy cream and sugar bring you the coffee cups that above standards. Originally fascinating aroma and charming flavour make G7’s quality as compared to well-prepared coffee.
  • ☕ BOLD FLAVOR & FRAGRANT AROMA. Made by meticulous bean selection process and know-how of modern Oriental, TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND G7 3 in 1 Instant Coffee creates uniquely fragrant aroma and irresistible taste unlike any other instant coffee.
  • ☕ QUICK & EASY TO PREPARE. Mix one package with hot water (for each use) until it dissolves, then enjoy your tasty cup of TRUNG NGUYEN coffee. Save your precious time (under 1-minute preparartion) while serve as a premium cup of coffee.
  • ☕ TRAVEL-FRIENDLY COFFEE. Portable and lightweight take-away design is convenient for travellers. Just bring a handful of G7 instant coffee packs and you are ready for a go.

Package Dimensions: 88x314x880

Details: “TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND G7 3 IN 1 – The product of modern instant coffee, you can enjoy a cup of instant coffee in a quick, convenient manner, anytime, anywhere.

With the perfect combination between European advanced technology and Trung Nguyen’s unique Know-how acclaimed by the world’s coffee lovers, G7 3 IN 1 Instant coffee offers flavorful and tasty ranges extracted from the best of coffee beans grown on legendary basaltic soil of Buon Ma Thuot considered the best place for Vietnamese coffee industry.”