TRUNG NGUYEN G7 PURE BLACK Instant Coffee for Energy Boost – 100% Soluble Coffee Without Sugar – Strong, Pure & Rich Vietnamese Instant Energy Coffee – Original Taste for Coffee Connoiseurs (200 Sachets/Bag)

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Trung Nguyen



Color: G7 Pure Black


  • ☕ PREMIUM INSTANT COFFEE. Each bag come with 200 sachets G7 Pure Black Instant Coffee give you a strong flavor cup of pure coffee anytime.
  • ☕ STRONG, BOLD WITHOUT SUGAR With 100% coffee with no cream or sugar. Suitable for black coffee lovers who enjoy bolds taste want to make their own concoctions. G7 Pure Black Instant Coffee can combine with your cake recipe.
  • ☕ QUICK & EASY TO PREPARE. Mix one package with hot water (for each use) until it dissolves, then enjoy your tasty cup of TRUNG NGUYEN coffee. Save your precious time (under 1-minute preparartion) while serve as a premium cup of coffee.
  • ☕ PREMIUM PRESENTS. Smart package design makes a perfect present reserved for coffee connoisseurs, friends, family, co-workers, partners,…
  • ☕ TRAVEL-FRIENDLY COFFEE. Portable and lightweight take-away design is convenient for travellers. Just bring a handful of G7 instant coffee packs and you are ready for a go.

Package Dimensions: 84x336x599

Details: “TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND G7 Instant Coffee – The perfection of the world’s special coffee. The combination of hi-tech with oriental secret techniques that come from the world’s coffee regions brings the high-quality coffee for an exhilarating experience. G7 Instant Coffee’s unique manufacturing process differentiate from others in the meticulous extraction of coffee: only the quintessence of the coffee bean is extracted to make the bold and fascinating flavours and aromas that exist only in TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND G7 Instant Coffee.

G7 Pure Black Instant Coffee is for those who enjoy bold taste like roasted coffee, bringing convenience to you. Give you a delicious cup of coffee but still save time.”