Trung Nguyen Legend — Classic — 3 in 1 Premium Instant Coffee — Finely Milled Coffee Beans, Non-dairy Creamer, & Sugar — Strong and Bold — Instant Vietnamese Coffee (50 Single Serve Packets, 2-Pack)

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Trung Nguyen




  • ☕【TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND’S PREMIUM INSTANT 3 in 1 COFFEE】— Trung Nguyen offers a premium cup of instant coffee with single serving packets — 50 packets per bag
  • ☕【THE ENERGY COFFEE】— Filled sticks with high-quality coffee powder and sugar to bring you the coffee cups that are above standards.
  • ☕【FULL-BODIED, LIGHTLY BITTER, AND SWEET TASTE】— Made by meticulous bean selection process and fermentation technology, TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND’s Classic Instant Coffee powder creates a full-bodied, lightly bitter, and sweet taste with a distinctive aroma.
  • ☕【QUICK & EASY TO PREPARE】— Mix one package with hot water (for each use) until the contents fully dissolve, then enjoy your tasty cup of TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND coffee. Save your precious time (under 1-minute preparation) while serving as a premium cup of coffee.
  • ☕【TRAVEL-FRIENDLY COFFEE】— Portable and lightweight take-away design is convenient for travelers. Just bring a handful of G7 instant coffee packs and you are ready to go.

Package Dimensions: 123x302x1928