TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND PREMIUM BLEND Premium Roasted Ground Coffee – Intense Flavor and Chocolate Fragrant by Robusta & Arabica Coffee Beans Blend – Full City Roast with Low Acidity (425g/Can)

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Trung Nguyen




  • ☕ BRAIN ABILITY AND CREATIVITY INCREASE. With exclusive recipe, TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND Premium Blend not only bring you a quality cup of coffee but also a special energy that keeps you concentrate on brainstorming, discovering and inspiring your creativity potential.
  • ☕ VIETNAMESE BLEND. By using Vietnamese traditional roasting technique create an authentic and native taste that stimulates your sense. A combination of Arabica, Robusta, Catimor, Excelsa coffee for those enjoy rich flavor, daily coffee drinking.
  • ☕ BOLD & STRONG AROMA. Premium Blend has full city, attractive flavor, bold, strong and lasting aroma, give an ideal cup for all day.
  • ☕ THE ENERGY COFFEE THAT CHANGES LIFE. With exclusive recipes, TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND Premium Blend brings you not only a quality cup of well-prepared beverage but also special energy keeping you concentrate on brainstorming, discovering and boosting your creativity potential.
  • ☕ PREMIUM PRESENTS. Smart package design makes a perfect present reserved for the ones who are coffee connoisseurs. Also favorite gifts for high-class partners and superior events.

Package Dimensions: 102x152x540

Details: “Profoundly understanding the importance of coffee as a creativity catalyst, TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND coffee experts have been long dedicating in creating the best recipe for GOURMET BLEND Ground Coffee.