Trung Nguyen — Premium Blend — Roasted Ground Coffee Blend — Strong and Bold — Arabica & Robusta — Chocolate Flavor — Vietnamese Coffee 1 Can (15 oz)

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Trung Nguyen



Color: Red


  • ☕【TRUNG NGUYEN’S G7 PREMIUM BLEND】 — Trung Nguyen offers a premium blend of arabica and robusta beans with notes of chocolate — 15 ounces per can
  • ☕【BOLD FLAVOR & FRAGRANT AROMA】 — With an exclusive recipe and meticulous bean selection process, TRUNG NGUYEN Premium Blend is bold, strong, and creates a lasting aroma
  • ☕【VIETNAMESE BLEND】 — By using Vietnamese traditional roasting techniques, TRUNG NGUYEN Premium Blend delivers a quality cup of coffee
  • ☕【VERSATILE PREPARATION】 — Trung Nguyen Premium Blend is ground to be suitable for various brewing methods including a Vietnamese Phin Filter, drip brewer, moka pot, and French Press

Package Dimensions: 102x152x540

Release Date: 11-06-2020

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Warm Up & Indulge Yourself In Trung Nguyen Premium Vietnamese Coffee Blend!
Trung Nguyen coffee is made for real coffee lovers that want more flavor, aroma and a smoother texture from their coffee to get them up and going in the morning. Trung Nguyen whole bean coffee blend is made using a combination of Arabica Coffee Beans, Robusta Coffee Beans, Hint Chocolate, and our Unique Proprietary Blend that will refresh your senses with its intense, sweet and bold flavor.
Trung Nguyen Vietnamese coffee beans are unlike anything you’ve ever had before. They’re grown in high altitude regions in fertile soil that allows them to develop a sweet and strong flavor that’s unique to the region. This delicious coffee blend can be easily brewed using any method you prefer including pour-over, drip/filter, espresso machines, or can even be cold-brewed as well as givingyou the freedom to use it in a wide variety of recipes.
The beans are slowly roasted by professional artisans to bring out the unique flavor, aroma, and texture to provide you with coffee that will keep you going all day. Our Robusta and Arabica coffee bean blend has hints of chocolate which don’t overpower the rest of the notes while the perfectly balanced aromas enhance your overall experience.
This Vietnamese coffee blend has a fragrant aroma and smooth texture which coupled with the deeply intense flavor will keep you coming back for more. The coffee is packed and stored quickly after roasting to make sure it maintains its freshness by the time it reaches you. From an iced coffee press to a pour-over coffee maker, you can use almost any method or brewing machine to make this coffee blend to refresh your senses
Enjoy This Trung Nguyen Vietnamese Coffee Blend With Robusta Beans & ArabicaBeans To Step Up Your Coffee Experience!

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